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OutdoorDOGS - Dogtraining

Dog training

"Be authentic - that is what matters to us!"

Our focus is to prepare and assist people and their dogs to cope with the high demands made everyday by society, competently and with empathy.
People, like dogs, have their own personalities, experiences and skills. What is a solution for one, will not necessarily help the other.
Open, respectful and with a "backpack" full of possibilities we will find a path together, that which is suitable for everyday use as well as to ensure that the owner and dog feel comfortable.
We look forward to meeting you and your dog.

Dogtraining Prices

 First contact 60 Min  |  60 Euro

Individual councelling 60 Min  |  60 Euro

Behaviour therapy 60 Min  |  95 Euro

Telephone councelling 30 Min  |   30 Euro

"Intact males & females, as well as behaviour-outstanding dogs are very welcome at OutdoorDOGS"

Shuttle Service within the city area of Munich (inner ring) for free.
Shuttle Service within the outer city area of Munich 0,60 cent per driven km.

First contact


"Who are you and who is your dog? Identifying personalities and assessing them is crucial to our frist contact."

We start our training with a detailed introduction. We form an initial impression, the basis for the case history.
In this first meeting, we jointly analyse the issues and problems that make daily interaction hard with your dog.
These first steps optimize the training structure, to positively change the interaction between you and your dog.

Individual counselling


"Problems in everyday life with a dog, can be successfully resolved with clarity and a technically sound approach in individual lessons."

During the customised training lessons, you learn with your dog through practical exercises to work out solutions to conflict areas. These solutions are applied in realistic and concrete situations. Our special focus is on the support of individuals, so that you can give your dog orientation and safety.

Behaviour Therapy


"When is a behaviour seen as unbalanced?"

There are many of definitions for behavioural disorders. In summary, one can say that resulting behaviour changes - in the full spectrum of canine behaviour (anxiety, aggression, reproduction, resting -  and restlessness) - can only be thought of as unbalanced, once these "disturbances" interferes or makes the adapting to new or changing daily conditions impossible for the dog concerned.
As difficult it is to define behavioural disorders -  so extensive are the diagnosis and treatment of these conditions.
Our team consists of certified dog trainers, veterinarians specializing in behavioural therapy, physical therapists & homoepaths and can provide you a comprehensive treatment plan in order to assist you and your dog.

OutdoorDOGS - Group Training

Group Training

Group Training

World explorers, ruffians, princesses or man-about-town - in our dog groups everyone finds their place.
We attach great importance on the premise that your dog learns to be guided by you, expands and works on his individual skills and strengths - in order to give you a reliable partner for many years.
Wether it is the basics of dog etiquette or the high school of everyday life in our society with a dog - we are here to help and guide you on this path.

Group Training Prices

Puppy group 60 Min  |  25 Euro 

Youngster group 60 Min  |  25 Euro

Actually group 60 Min  |  25 Euro

Mantrailing 1 unit  |  25 Euro

Circle training 1 unit  |  25 Euro

OutdoorDOGS Puppies group


"The puppyhood is exciting, colourful and beautiful"

As important as this phase of life is to the development of a puppy, so demanding this can be for the human.
During this period of their lives, puppies are particularly sensitive to social interactions and new environmental stimuli.
Therefore in our puppy groups developing and consolidating the social skills used towards dogs and humans are in the foreground. During the phases of play, the puppys can test themselves among their peers, interact with and meet dogs of different breeds, have fun and also learn when they have pushed the boundaries too far.
Socially established adult dogs assist us in this task.
We provide you with advice and practical help when it comes to assessing your puppy and its behaviour and where to be able to act appropriately.
This way we are preparing a path together for you and your dog to function as a competent team, and to adhere to the high demands that our everyday life expects of dogs and humans.
Please contact us over the formular or under
0176 / 304 98 516.

OutdoorDOGS Youngster group


"Leather jacket and spiked collar - our young dogs!"

The puppies outgrow their puppy phase and the young dog now begins to expand its own footprint continuosly, the world needs to be discovered!
Every blade of grass gets its name & peers are much more exciting than their own owner.
Even to go on a tour all alone is no longer a problem, because after all - you are already grown-up!
The adolescent seems to be inaccessible during this time, temporarily having a board covering their eyes or cotton wool in their ears.
This is the critical time, that it is important to express yourself clearly to your dog, to set clear limits and coundaries and understand obligations. Perceiving and correctly utilization of your own body language and to lead competently and confidently, are important components of this course.
It´s all about clear communication working together, instead of against each other. In addition to the orientation of the dog to people on- or off-leash, the focus is also on the recall. Usally one has already taught their young dog to "sit" or "down". But is this also true even if the neighbours dog comes along?
The content of this course is structured such that even a  young dog whose brain is "closed for renovation", can understand.
Please contact us over the formular or under
0176 / 304 98 516.

OutdoorDOGS "Actually" group

OutdoorDOGS Eigentlich Gruppe

"Actually...Actually, yes, you do not have a problem with your dog."

Your dog comes when you call them, they sit, heels and stays (unless they have discovered something more interesting), they walk quite good on a leash, unless another dog comes towards your.
They really do not jump on strangers, unless they praise them so nicely that they cannot resist.
If you feel that you do not actually want to go to a dog school, but would like to work on a little of all these small and large "Actually situations", you are exactly at the right place and our "Actually Group" offers the ideal framework, together with like-minded people, to explore and work on specific topics.
In this group, it comes down to the basics and to the dogs, who sometimes do not want to take these basics quite so seriously.
In a relaxed atmosphere we want to jointly work on the education of your dog to improve their everyday - and family-life.
We will show you how to solve small everyday conflicts and that your dog can introduce itself with excellent manners to the world.

Please contact us over the formular or under
0176 / 304 98 516.

OutdoorDOGS Mantrailing

OutdoorDOGS Mantrailing

"Nose high up in the air & go for it!"

Following your nose - in the world of our dogs.
It is impressive to see what our four-legged friends are actually capable in this area.
Their world is determined by olfactory impressions. Whether a Rottweiler or a Yorkie - here they are all specialists and through the sport of Mantrailing we can participate in this, their special world.
But Mantrailing is not only an impressive leisure activity - through the interplay of "Leading & Following" it is above all about team - and relationship work.
Because in order to master the task of searching for people, dog & man must coordinate working well together.
There are no requirements, because what our dogs need they already have it at their disposal - their nose!

Mantrailing classes always Wednesdays & Saturdays - please contact us over the formular or under
0176 / 304 98 516.

OutdoorDOGS Circle-Training

OutdoorDOGS Longieren

"Round and round and round it goes ..."

Bodylanguage circletraining with your dog is a really efficint way for your dog to occupied mentally and physically.
This type of activity requires and encourages your dog mentally and physically and helps to stabilize the human-dog relationship.
For us this work palces emphasis on the relationship between man and dog and focuses on proximity, distance and the interaction of all of these themes are in the foreground during circletraining.
Whether your dog loves running, is freedom-loving or has their head in the clouds - through this really concentrated work, various dog personalities learn to largely ignore external stimuli and to be better and more stable their contact to and with people.
This has in many cases a very positive and lasting impact on the dogs everyday life.

Circletraining classes always Mondays & Fridays - please contact us over the formular or under
0176 / 304 98 516.

OutdoorDOGS - Dogsitting

OutdoorDogs Dogsitting

"A question of trust!"

Of course dog care is a matter of big trust! So that you can go ahead your daily tasks absolute calm and relaxed, we offer you and your four-legged friend individual care solutions in small groups. Whether Dogwalking, HuTa or vacation care - your dog spends the day with us and numerous doggy friends. Together and supervised, they romp on green areas in and around Munich or our own dogpark.
Quality and safety are the alpha and omega of our care!

Dogsitting costs

Dogwalking 1 unit (approx. 3 hours) | 30 Euro 

Daycare (between 7am- 16pm) |  40 Euro

Vacation care (Day & Night)  |  45 Euro

Individual care - Please request

Pick up and drop off service included. (within the inner city of Munich - Mittlerer Ring)
Outside the city of Munich, a travel fee of 0,60 Euro per driven km.

Schedules for dogsitting ( day care , dog walking , dog hotel ) are binding .

Up to 4 weeks before the dog care appointments, appointments can be canceled without any fee .

Any cancellations later than 4 weeks in advance a cancellation fee of 100 % of the service price will be required .

OutdoorDogs Dogwalking


"Social contact in a 2-for-1 deal"

We pick up your dog, after individual consultation at your home or office, and them back to you after approximately 3.5 hours. The dog groups are kept small to ensure the harmonious flow between the animals.
Our tours are changed daily to provide your dog with plenty of new stimuli and variety.
All new additions to the pack are carefully integrated into the group, because even here, the safety of your pet comes first.

OutdoorDOGS daycare


"Whether an intact male, puppy or greybeard - the individuality of your dog is nr.1 with us"

Social contact is essential for all living things, even for dogs. Extensive interaction with peers is very important for the satisfaction and balance of each and every dog. However, we pay attention to the care that the size and composition of the group does not come at the expense of the individual animal. Only then can we focus on the character and personality of each group member and ensure that your dog has his "freedom". New guests are mindfully introduced and integrated into the existing groups.

OutdoorDOGS Vacation care


"Whether day/short trips or business trips, we offer you an individual holiday care for your pet, if it can not go with you when travelling. The care is provided in the OutdoorDOG pack - including lots of exercise and family interaction"

Your dog is seen with us as a family member firmly in everyday life, gets his own sunny place to relax. Your wishes and his needs are met with this all-round care.
Daily and extensive walking round with other dogs lets the pain of separation evaporate quickly so that when you return, a more relaxed and balanced dog is waiting for you.

WE made it into the dogs magazine!

Wooohoooo .... we did it!
OutdoorDOGS was recommended in "dogs" magazine. We are pleased to be one of the 100 pearls of Germany and will continue to strive to expectations and hold our reputation up to the highest standards.

A good dog caregiver is worth more than money. It means peace of mind. Because when the dog is happy, so also is the human being. "Dogs" went on a treasure hunt.
Whoever has a good dog sitter, appreciates them, cherishes and cares for them and also tries to no recommend them any more than they should, lest they lose the much prized place for their own dog. Throughout Germany, there are approximately 2,000 dog guesthouses and 200 dog-daycare centres.

The requirements for dog sitters and guest houses are high: The owner must find the dog sitter or operator amiable and likeable. The dog just as much.
A good dog sitter ensures care of manageable groups of dogs that fit together as well as possible.
If the groups allowed to run around outside, it is important that any bullies are stopped by the supervising carer so that the games do not get out of control.

In other words: The dog should not be left to their own devices, especially not in large groups.
Saying goodbye, even if only for just a few hours, is often more difficult for the owner than for the dog.

The absence of their owners will of course be noticed, but walks in new areas with new and exhilarating smells, and playing with other dogs will distract them and are extremely healthy for the dogs in many cases.

They have to learn to trust their own social behaviour and not to only rely on their human protectors.
When you found "that" dog sitter, keep a very firm hold on them.

A good, reliable dog-daycare has as much value as any good relationship.

Source. "Dogs" Magazine May-June 3-2015

Hudson & his pocketmoney

I know that I am a service provider offering a service that is remunerated accordingly - and yet there are moments like these now, where I feel really valued and appreciated. Moments like these that Hudson spends his hard earned 'pocket money' give me heartfelt pleasure. Quite simply, acts like these are surprising and from the heart. Thank you for these moments, and letting your two-legged ones allow you to spend your pocket money on this gift.

An awesome present with a lovely dedication:

"Dear Tina
I've saved some pocket money to be able to treat you for a change.
I want to tell you: Thank you.
Thanks for ensuring that I am always satisfied.
Thank you for letting me misbehave evey now and again.
Without you my life would be pretty boring.
I hope you have a lot of fun with the book.
A little bird has told me that it got the impression that you liked the style of photography.
And you that you always really great pictures of me.
Aloha, your Hudson."

Ruth S. & Lana | Ismanning Germany

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Elisabeth L. & Zorro | Graz Austria

Dearest Tina! You are my light at the end of the tunnel. After the death of my old and always good-natured hunting dog, a little Giant Schnauzer named "Zorro" waltzed into our lives a little more ...

Claudia B. & Bella | Munich

Dear Tina Shortly after the first training session, I realized that what Tina imparted to me and my dog was the right training approach. It strengthened me mentally and I could act so much better ...

Sebastian & Andrea K. & Pansy | Gleisdorf Austria

Dear Tina. Summary for the lazy readers: "Tina, you saved us. There is a relaxed life at both ends of the leash." The whole story began two years ago. A new family member would be moving in. After ...

The SIXX Lifestyle Quickies - starring OutdoorDOGS

What's next? As soon as a puppy is in the house, the learning starts. This ensures that everyday, not only now but also in the future runs smoothly.
Jochen & Matthias have dared to start the adventure of the "second dog" and we provide them with advice and practical help.
See for yourself!


"A puppy to love" - the new dog for Jochen Bendel

Tonight is "puppy crazy"!
In "A puppy to Love" (the new dog for Jochen Bendel on SIXX) - we give tips for the newcomer Khaleesi, a lively and energetic young gray Labbi-Girl.
What does Gizmo have to say to the new addition to the family, and how Jochen & Matthias deal with this the new situation ...
Find out tonight, starting at 19.15 clock only on SIXX.
We're looking forward to it!


OutdoorDOGS Social Hike

"Dogs encounters and challenges with added value"

Our social walk / hike offers far more than the usual walk with your four-legged friend, combined together with like-minded people.
This is about the everyday challenges for our dogs - encountering other dogs on a leash, uncertainties or aggression.
The aim is to give you and your dog the opportunity to practice and to gain more confidence is dealing with various situations that may arise in everyday life.
Whether it is frustration, anxiety, aggression or hunting - for each of these we have something.
True to the motto "I am walking", leads to easily learning in a ever changing environment.

Next hike - 2020!  Contact us over the textformular or via phone. (0176/30498516)

Price per Person-Dog Team  -  25 Euros